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1:1 Yoga

Eve is a YTT certified Zen Yoga Teacher. If you're looking to improve your well-being, clarity of thought, and connection to your body and mind, consider signing up for one to one zen yoga. With regular sessions, you can achieve these goals and more!

There are many benefits to one to one zen yoga. This type of instruction provides a safe and individualized space for you to explore their own practice. Additionally, a yoga teacher with experience in zen yoga can offer guidance and support as students learn to navigate the various poses and breaths. My aim is to help you to develop a deeper practice and connection to your body.


In our one to one sessions I will provide guidance and support while also providing modifications to help you find poses that are comfortable and beneficial. In addition, I will help you to develop your practice and explore new areas of your yoga practice.


The overall aim of our one to one sessions is to leave you with an increased sense of well-being, improved mental clarity and focus, and a deeper understanding of one's own body and mind.

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