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Imagery Examples for Motivation

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Imagery is so incredibly powerful for motivation. There’s a couple of things I want you to think about when it comes to imagery this week as you reflect on what how to get and stay motivated..

1. The power of closing your eyes and imagining the fine detail of the things to look forward to as you pursue and achieve your goal. If it’s a walk in the park - close your eyes and imagine the trees, the birds, the colour of the sky. If it’s a swim imagine the colours of the light as they refract through the water. If it’s a run imagine the sound of the music or podcast or nature you are listening to as you go. Imagine the route. As we work with imagery we tap into the good feelings association with the goal - we tap into the parts of what makes that goal truly meaningful to us. It gives us a taste of already being there. That is incredibly potent for motivation and is something psychologists use often to help their clients to get a boost of motivation and to overcome anxiety.

2. The power of nature and with it - the power of nature based imagery. Every single person I have ever worked with (myself included!) will imagine something linked to the natural world when asked to our eyes and bring to mind an image of a place where they have felt calm. We are more at peace, are more able to think, more able to process and fundamentally more able to simply “be” - just exist - when we are in the natural environment. When we are surrounded and supported by this beautiful earth that sustains our life, of which we are a part. Modern life can feed us a lot of messages about what “should” represent success and what “should” be a goal. This week, use nature as a resource that helps you to make just existing, just being in the moment, just feeling calm or noticing a thought - a beautiful goal. You can also tap into nature imagery any time you need to, to calm yourself, and to remind yourself there is truly more to life and more to look forward to. Here are some moments that I cherished in nature. What are yours?

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