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You can use Visualisation for a more Empowered Yoga Practice

Using the power of your mind's eye will allow you to truly integrate your mind and body as you follow your yoga and meditation practice.

When practising yoga our bodies and minds are challenged both physically and emotionally. Yoga can lead us to engage in poses that feel unfamiliar and also can leave us feeling vulnerable, not-good-enough or just very tired. The same practice can, on a different day, leave us feeling empowered and as if though we can take anything on.

Unlike other fitness regimes, Yoga involves placing full and conscious awareness on our bodies, teaching us to find that sweet spot between under and over exertion. This is why yoga teachers are encouraged to remind their students to notice how their bodies feel during each class. You can prompt yourself in your home practice gently by asking yourself; even out loud "how does my body feel today?"

Visualisation can help you carry this body awareness into your whole practice. A simple but effective technique is to make use of imagery such as shining light, gleaming liquid or cooling ointment. Since we are all individuals with different life experiences we also also respond to visualisation and imagery work differently.

The best thing you can do is have fun with your practice and play around with what you find helpful and empowering. You might learn something new about yourself in the process!

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