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Bright and Beautiful Mindfulness Practices for Autumn

Rose Hips, Leaves and Autumn Blooms - Reflecting on the season as it passes.

Dark blue background with botanical print of leaves, flowers and rose hips.
Beauties collected this Autumn

As I write this post we are two thirds of the way through the Autumn season. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this season is associated with letting go and turning inward. This resonates with me a lot, as I associate the season with the "fresh start" of the academic school year, and see it as a time to consolidate the year whilst laying down the fertile earth for the upcoming year. I am amazed by the continued bright colours into this season, the many flowers that continue to bloom as well as the vibrant reds, yellows and burnt umbers of the seasonal trees as well as the bright deep greens of the nourished shrubs, grass and evergreen trees.

Identifying trees can be a lovely way to get closer to them and enjoy their beautiful textures and colours.

During my walks I begin to notice that certain plants jump out at me again and again. Nature can tell us a lot about our own nature. I love rose hips and roses; it is wonderful to notice their colours in the summer and late summer compared to the colder months. What is your favourite plant? Which one do you always stop to admire? Does it hold a special resonance for you or perhaps the colour, texture or shape appeals to you? Why not start a project on your favourite one, this is a way to translate your mindful walks into mindful making.

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