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The Art of Rest: Healing Nature's Way

1 Nov 2022

How we recover from trauma and learn to relax fully

As I sit to write this post I am thinking about how best to encourage you to practice rest. I wonder what brought you here? Do you find it difficult to relax, especially when all your instincts are telling you need to? You aren't alone in this. I think it is something we can all be affected by, and speaking from personal experience, it is something that can make a person feel trapped and exhausted. The good news is, taking some time out for yourself can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. It can help to improve your mood, your focus and your ability to cope with stress. It can also be a great way to reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. So if you're in need of a little relaxation, why not check out my latest blog post on the subject? In it, I talk about the benefits of rest, and how to go about incorporating it into your life. I hope it will give you some food for thought, and if nothing else, help you to relax and unwind. Click here to read my latest blog post on the benefits of rest.

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