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Eve da Silva

19 Nov 2022

How to Stop Criticizing Yourself and Start Living a Better Life

Looking to start working on your self-criticism? Join my free online workshop and learn how to start and continue self-reflecting in a healthy way. This workshop will cover topics like how to identify negative thoughts, how to challenge and change negative patterns, and how to develop a self-compassion practice. Plus, you'll get a chance to access the workshop after it goes live, so you can practice with the techniques at home and get the most out of your learning. Register now and get rid of those self-critical ways of thinking!

Need to know a little more?

Self-criticism – it’s the thing that we think keeps us motivated, keeps us on top of our game and ensures we meet our own standards.The inner critic is a powerful part of our inner world, but too often, the critic becomes a bully, and we are left feeling depleted and like we can never be good enough. What’s the alternative? The evidence shows it is self-compassion.Compassion is the ability to acknowledge the pain and the motivation to do something to alleviate it. Compassion gives you the ability to pursue your goals, handle the difficult days and ultimately make peace with the inner critic. In this workshop, you will learn the techniques to embody self-compassion and make peace with your shadow, your inner critic, so you are equipped with the tools to begin to enhance your natural strength, confidence and joy at being your unique multifaceted self.

Teacher's Bio: Eve is a highly experienced coach and therapist. She uses a unique interdisciplinary approach in her work, combining her background as a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, zen yoga teacher and psychologist. She is dedicated to helping her clients embody their true power in the world grounded in compassion and self-awareness.

More info on Eve: Website: IG: @agile.leopard

Upcoming Session:N. AMERICA: November 29th Tuesday @ 9:00 am PST, 11:00 am CST, and 12:00 pm ESTEUROPE: November 29th Tuesday @ 5:00 pm UKSINGAPORE: November 30th Wednesday @ 1:00 am SGTAUSTRALIA: November 30th Wednesday @ 4:00 am AEDT

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