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Welcome to my wellbeing project, Flourish Mindfully London. Here you will learn more about self-led psychology techniques that will help you reach your goals over on my blog, Agile Leopard. If you are interested in individual sessions I offer both coaching and therapy. We can work out what works best for you.


Agile Leopard Coaching

Teaching frameworks for deepening physical and psychological awareness.


Know yourself, forgive yourself and be yourself. 

To help you optimise and boost your resilience.



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Compassion. Creativity. Research. Intelligence. Empathy. Courage. Fierce protectiveness.

To contribute to the world being a place where people know and respect themselves. We are motivated by compassion. We are thriving and passing it forward. 


Workshops, Sessions 
and Blog

I am a highly experienced coach and therapist with over a decade of experience supporting clients to meet their unique goals to change their lives.


In my writings and sessions I use an interdisciplinary approach, combining key lessons I have learned from my background as a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, zen yoga teacher and psychologist.

You are inherently motivated.
Evidence based guidance
Can help you harness and rediscover your path. 


"This has been better than I ever imagined therapy would be."

- client names kept anonymous for confidentiality


This is Agile Leopard 

Tools for physical and inner strength, agility, optimisation,  perception, self-reliance, authenticity, and to help you embrace your rare beauty.



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